The Adélie Penguin is a species of penguin that can be found in Endless Ocean and Endless Ocean: Blue World.

In-Game Description

Endless Ocean

These birds have spindle-shaped bodies, but the short, decorative head feathers give them a slightly angular look. They are black on the back and sides and white on the belly and bay appear on your boat from time to time.

Endless Ocean: Blue World

It has a distinctive angular head with short, decorative feathers. A ring of white feathers around its eyes gives the illusion of big, round eyes. It keeps its eggs warm on a nest of pebbles to stop them coming into direct contact with the ice or snow. A large number of small pebbles must be gathered to make these nests. They may be grabbed violently or stealthily grabbed while the nest is unguarded.

[Day Care]

When the chicks grow a little, their parents are able to go in search of food, but they must leave the chicks alone to do so. When their parents leave, the chicks gather together and form a créche, which is defended by young birds and adults who have failed to mate this season. This makes it difficult for predators to target the chicks. These penguins prefer eating krill, but the percentage of fish in their diet increases while they are bringing up their chicks.


In Endless Ocean, these penguins will occasionally appear on your boat.

In Endless Ocean: Blue World, they can be seen in the Southwestern area of the Weddell Sea, both in the water and on land.


These penguins either walk about slowly (on land) or dart through the water in pursuit of prey (while in water). They are easier to learn about and focus on on land, as they do not move around so much, and respond positively to being fed (in the second game) and especially to being petted. You can unlock this penguin's trivia by petting it.

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