The African Penguin is a species of penguin with unique markings that appears in both Endless Ocean games.

In-Game Description

Endless Ocean

"These birds have spindle-shaped bodies and long feathers. Their coloring is mostly black and white, but with a more complicated pattern than seen on other penguins. The area round the eyes is pink due to a small flap of exposed skin. They may appear on your boat from time to time.

They usually lay two fertilized eggs, the first of which is slightly larger. Smaller eggs are laid at the same time, but they are unfertilized and will not hatch.

They shed their plumage during a time called the molting period. Once this happens, it is very easy fr their body temperature to drop, making it impossible for them to hunt. It takes about eighteen days to regrow the plumage, and the average bird loses 5 ounces of weight on each of those days. To avoid starving, they consume large amounts of food before molting starts."

Endless Ocean: Blue World

"This penguin is black and white with a more complex pattern than other penguins. It has an area of pink exposed by skin around its eyes. They normally lay two eggs, with the first to be laid larger than the second.

Sometimes especially small eggs are laid, but they won't hatch as they are unfertilised.

[Fasting Season]

After breeding, this penguin has a moulting season when it changes its plumage. It loses body heat easily at this time and is unable to dive for food in the sea, so it stays on the shore without eating.

It has to eat a lot before the moulting season starts so it can sustain itself. It takes around 18 days for the African penguin to moult, and it loses about 150g of body weight daily during that period."


Endless Ocean

The African Penguin frequently appears on the player's boat, the Gabbiano. A small group can also be found swimming in the open, sandy area in front of Comb Reef.

Endless Ocean 2

They can be found in the Weddell Sea, on land at the coordinates A-4SW and D-4 SE, and in the water at coordinates C-4 SE and D-4SW.


These small creatures wander about slowly on land, but they are quite fast and agile in the water. They like being given food, and will flail their flippers a bit in protest if the player pokes them.


  • In Endless Ocean, a curious and friendly African Penguin that wanders onto the Gabbiano is the player's introduction to interacting with creatures that make their way onto the boat.
  • Katherine Sunday appears to be fond of these creatures.