The Alligator Gar is a large species of freshwater fish and is the largest species of gar.

In-Game Description

"This fish has the long nose and mouth full of sharp teeth associated with crocodiles, and is covered with hard scales called ganoid scales.

It swims slowly just below the surface and can occasionally be seen coming up for air.

[Owner's Responsibility]

Tropical fish are often exported to other countries to be enjoyed as part of an aquarium. But if their owners cannot carry on keeping them, they can be released into local rivers or lakes.

It is difficult for these fish to survive in a different environment, and even if they do they can seriously upset the balance of the local ecosystem. There can be tragic consequences if owners do not take responsibility for their pets."


These fish are only seen in Endless Ocean 2, in the Cortica River's midstream area, around coordinates C-4 (Northwest) and C-4 (South).


There are around two or three of these, and they patrol slowly around the diving spot in the Midstream area. Their distinctive appearance makes them easy to spot.


  • Their fearsome appearance gives them an undeserved reputation as man-eaters (as they are not actually very harmful to humans), and also makes them popular sporting fish.
  • In the spanish version it is called Gaspar baba, but that name applies to another species of gar, the Tropical Gar.


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