The Altar of Horus is a room in the Cavern of the Gods in Endless Ocean 2. It is named after an ancient Egyptian deity.

In Endless Ocean 2, while exploring the Cavern of the Gods, the four divers get swept away by strangely powerful currents and end up in this room, which, for some unexplained reason, won't let radio reception get through. However, the team of divers was located in an underwater cave beneath several tonnes of rock by then, and besides that, it is highly suggested that large amounts of supernatural energy (notorious for messing with electronics: flickering lights, tv static, etc.) were present throughout the cavern in its entirety, and thus it is not all that odd for the signal to have gone out. The ankh in the statue's hand is turned a little later in the mission to reveal the Subterranean Reception Room.

A shoal of Asian Sheepshead Wrasse and another school of Golden Spadefish make up the majority of the sea life in this room.


  • Horus is the Egyptian God of the sun, war and protection.
  • Horus is usually depicted as having the head of a bird, but the statue in this room must either be an incorrect representation of Horus or a depiction of a different god, because it has a human visage.