The Amazonian Manatee is a species of mammal that lives in freshwater environments.

In-Game Description

"This herbivore lives in the fresh waters of the Amazon where it feeds off water plants.

The Amazon has wet and dry seasons, so food is sometimes in short supply, but they are able to fast for months at a time by living on their body fat reserves.

[Poor life]

The Amazonian Manatee has been badly treated for a long time. People have been hunting them for a long time, but have now stopped.

With that being said, their numbers are beginning to recover."


Endless Ocean: Blue World

These large, friendly creatures solely inhabit the Queen's Lake in the Cortica River.


The Amazonian Manatees in Endless Ocean 2 float about slowly, surfacing occasionally for either air or to eat the greens that cover the surface of the water. They like being petted.


  • The only way to reach the area where these Manatees live is to reach a certain point in the Be the Best Trainer quest. This is because the player needs help from a certain creature that can only be befriended in the post-game missions.
  • After a certain post-game quest is activated, another, special Manatee joins the ones that already inhabit the lake.


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