Ancient Bronze Mirror

The Ancient Bronze Mirror, known in the American version as the Whale-God Mirror, is a scattered salvage item in Endless Ocean. Its four parts are scattered all around the main map. After finding all of the pieces, Katharine re-assembles it and says:

"This is an ancient mirror used for festivals in eastern Asia. By the look of it, it appears to be of Japanese origin. The etching is a representation of a big whale deity. I think we've got ourselves a whale-god mirror. did a Japanese mirror wind up all the way out here?

You know, there's a Pelago legend about a whale god. The story has been around in one form or another forever. We do see blue whales around here from time to time. I guess that's where the legend comes from.

What, you want to find a blue whale? Hmmmm... Lemme think... They're too big to approach the islands and reefs... So I'd say by the edge of the open ocean is your best bet."

In your foot locker, the descriptive text states: "An old bronze mirror featuring a legendary whale god of the region."


The parts of the mirror are found at co-ordinates:

  • D/E-1/2, 11 meters/36 feet
  • D/E-3, 17 meters/55 feet
  • L-3, 10 meters/32 feet
  • K-1, 15 meters/49 feet

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