The Anomalocaris (Canadensis) is a large bug-like creature that appears briefly in Endless Ocean: Blue World.

In-game Description

"This bizarre creature has nothing in common with modern animals and is thought to have lived 500 million years ago during the Cambrian period of the Paleozoic era.

It should be extinct, and we may never know why it still lives today.

[Born of Genetic Experiments?]

Many of the myriad life-forms that developed after the Cambrian explosion lost out in the process of natural selection and vanished off the face of the earth. They definitely existed at some point, so it may be possible to extract their genes from fossils and revive them today.

Maybe this creature was secretly brought to life in such a way."


Endless Ocean 2

After the player has completed the Signs of the Zodiac Constellation Coin quest (part three of the Voice of the Night Sky quest), the strange voice over the radio will clue the player in as to where to find this legendary creature.

The player is required to dive with GG the first time they see this creature. After getting a glimpse of the supposedly long-extinct Anomalocaris, GG will rightfully wonder whether or not he has gone insane.

After being unlocked, the player can observe the Anomalocaris swimming outside of the Underwater Gallery in Valka Castle, around coordinates B-2 and C-2.


Endless ocean 2 anomalocaris07:57

Endless ocean 2 anomalocaris

The Anomalocaris swims about rapidly outside of the windows of Valka Castle. This makes it hard to catch a glimpse of, but it can be seen there nonetheless. They player doesn't need to unlock its trivia information, because the first time they see it, they are given its regular information as well as the trivia. This is because it cannot be interacted with or focused on, and it can only be observed.


  • As one of the three super-legendary and long-extinct creatures (the other two being the Sea Serpent and Cameroceras), the Anomalocaris does not appear in the Marine Encyclopedia as a silhouette. Instead, it only appears after the player has first seen it.
  • The Anomalocaris is mentioned briefly in the first game, as one of the salvage items is actually a 540-million-year-old Anomalocaris Fossil.
  • The Pokemon Anorith and its evolution, Armaldo, are inspired by this creature.
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