Anoma. Fossil

The image in the footlocker of the Anomalocaris Fossil.

The Anomalocaris Fossil is a scattered item found in the Abyss of Endless Ocean's Manoa Lai Sea. In four pieces, this fossil is given the following description in your footlocker on the Gabbiano, once completed: "A 540,000,000 year old fossil of a giant carnivorous arthropod from the Paleozoic era of the Cambrian period."

In-Game Dialogue

Once the player has found all of the fossil fragments, Katherine will approach the player and say:

"Look at you! You found all of the Anomalocaris fossil pieces. Lemme see about putting it back together..."

After reassembling the fossil, she will continue:

"The anomalocaris is over 500 million years old. That puts it right about the time of the great Cambrian eruption. It was a carnivorous creature living in an era of tremendous change. It's one of the most unique creatures in history. When it was first proposed, the academic community was skeptical. It just seemed like such a fantastical creature...But, whatever. That's not important now.

You know, this is actually one of the first fossils I've ever found here. We have to keep it protected and preserved."


In the Abyss, the fossil fragments are found at various points. Two of them are in the caves of the Abyss, while the other two are found on the seafloor. The exact locations are as follows:


  • The Anomalocaris actually makes a brief appearance in Endless Ocean 2 as a legendary creature.

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