The Antarctic Toothfish (known as the Antarctic Cod in the European release of Endless Ocean: Blue World) is a large fish that lives in the Antarctic Ocean.

In-Game Description

"Living at depths of a few dozen metres to over 1000m, this fish is commercially fished by trawlers. Many people probably eat it without even knowing what it is. It can be caught so far south that it provides food for staff at Antarctic research stations."


Endless Ocean 2

These large fish can be found in the Weddell Sea, around coordinates C-1, B-1, and B-2.


There are five of these fish in the area overall. Three of them live around B-1 and B-2, while the other two patrol C-1.


  • These fish often prey on Bald Notothens, which are actually a distant relative of theirs, as they are in the same taxonomic suborder, the notothenioids, and the same taxonomic family, nototheniidae.
  • The name "Antarctic Cod" for this fish is actually inaccurate; the group of fish called "cods" are actually in a separate taxonomic group.

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