An ancient statue of Asclepius, the healer.

The Asclepius sub-quest is one of ten needed to complete the entire Voice of the Night Sky quest. To complete it, the player needs to find the Corvus, Centaurus, Ophiuchus and Serpens coins, four out of the one hundred Constellation Coins.

In your notebook, the quest's details read as follows:

Rod of Asclepius

A drawing of the Rod of Asclepius, depicting Serpens entwined around a staff.

"Apollo, god of the sun, heard from his messenger, the Raven, that Coronis had been unfaithful to him. He then took their child from the mother, and charged the centaur Chiron with him. Asclepius grew up to be a snake charmer who healed using snake venom.

However, he angered the gods by raising the dead and was killed by a lightning bolt."

After completing this quest, the Radio Voice will say:

"...Snake venom...curing even the dead...the one who...challenged death...was divine lightning..."

After the voice fades away, the player will receive the rewards of a company reputation boost and sixteen thousand pelagos.

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