The Atlantic Bluefin Tuna is a large kind of fish known for being a popular part of many seafood-rich diets.

In-Game Description

"This large, shiny fish with small pectoral fins and a black head is in demand as an expensive classic sushi topping.

If it is deprived of oxygen when captured its body temperature will rise, which causes its sinews to change colour and makes its flesh less valuable.

[Keep on Moving]

A tuna swims with its mouth open and takes oxygen from the water that passes through its gills. If it stops moving, it will suffocate; this is why it lowers its metabolism and speed at night but never stops swimming."


Endless Ocean

Groups of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna only appear around Deep Valley during autumn.

Endless Ocean 2

These fish are rather easy to find, and they can be seen throughout Northern Ciceros Strait, as well as swimming almost everywhere in the North Coast of Canada area, swimming alongside Chinook Salmon and Capelin.


These fish swim around in medium-sized shoals, at a rather fast speed. They like being fed. As a matter of fact, the player can unlock their trivia in the second game by feeding them.


  • Though these fish can be found day and night in all areas in both games, they appear to be more active at night in the first game.

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