The Atlantic Spiny Lumpsucker is a small fish that lives in cold waters. It is only found in Endless Ocean: Blue World.

In-Game Description

"This small, round fish has large eyes, several small spines on its body and a sucker on its belly. It uses the sucker to secure itself to rocks and prevent itself being swept away by ocean currents."


Endless Ocean 2

Small groups of Atlantic Spiny Lumpsuckers can be found in the North Coast of Canada area, under zoom-mode patches at coordinates A-1 NW, D-2 NE, D-3 SW, and A-4 NW.


Found in small groups ranging from one to three individuals, Atlantic Spiny Lumpsuckers are stationary creatures. The like being fed, and they seem to like being stroked by the player.


  • This is one of Oceane's favorite creatures.
  • Another common name for the family this fish belongs to is 'lumpfish'. However, that common name is more commonly used in Europe, and North America uses 'lumpsucker' more often.
  • Because of their tendencies to remain affixed to their spots on the ocean floor, these fish have become poor swimmers over time; however, several members of the family have colouring that blends into the sandy or gravel-covered ocean floor they live on.


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