The Atoll Gate is the very first area you see in the game (with the exception of the beginning cutscene and introduction showing the Zahhab Region). It is called the Atoll Gate because it leads to the rest of Gatama Atoll.

In-Game Description

Located northwest of Gatama Atoll, This diving spot is the gateway to the area and is popular with divers of all ability levels. The highlights of the Atoll Gate are its clusters of table coral and schools of colourful tropical fish.

Gatama Atoll Atoll Gate


Atoll Gate is surrounded by sandbanks that make it circular. To the southeast is an entrance that leads out to the rest of Gatama Atoll. The seafloor is adorned with many kinds of coral (most prominently green plate corals), and along the sandbanks, some rocks have been exposed.


The Gate is inhabited by many large shoals of coral-reef fish, including the colorful Yellow Tang, Blue Tang, Emperor Angelfish, and Starck's Demoiselle. As well as these, there are also Pyramid Butterflyfish, Crescent Tail Bigeye, and Bower's Parrotfish. The rest of the sea life includes Porcupinefish and Moorish Idol.

Within the coral, Dusky Batfish, young Sailfin Tang, Clown Anemonefish, and Five-Lined Coral Gobies all make their homes, found under zoom-mode glows.


  • This is the first diving site available when you start the game, and it is where Oceana gives you her diving tutorial.
  • The Whale Shark sometimes passes outside of the entrance to the Gate on its route around the Atoll.

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