The Auriga Coin is a Constellation Coin that can be found in Endless Ocean: Blue World's Cortica River, at coordinates B-2, in a zoom-mode patch near the northern side of the Western Sandbank. The coin is reportedly just a bit north-west of a patch of plants in the centre of the path there.


  • Auriga is the Latin word for “charioteer”, one who drives a chariot.
  • The constellation Auriga is often identified with the ancient Greek hero of mythology known as Erichthonius of Athens, who is credited as being the inventor of the four-horse chariot (known as the quadriga) which he used in a battle against the usurper Amphictyon, in which he won and was thus crowned king of Athens.
    • However, Auriga is sometimes identified with Myrtilus, who was Hermes’s son and also drove chariots in Greek mythology.

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