The Australian Pelican is a large species of seabird that appears in both of the Endless Ocean games.

In-game Description

"This bird can be identified by its giant bill with a sacklike under side. Its bill can reach 20 in. In size, the largest of all birds' beaks. During mating season, Its bill becomes a vivid pink and its bill pouch turns red. It performs a courtship dance, vibrating its bill pouch."


Endless Ocean

Australian Pelicans will occasionally show up on the deck of the Gabbiano after the player returns from a dive.

Endless Ocean 2

These seabirds can be found in Gatama Atoll at coordinates F-5, where the player can go on land.


When approached, these large birds will chatter at the player. They stand still, even when poked and prodded at. However, the player can gain their favor by petting them and feeding them.


  • Though this pelican is named the Australian Pelican, it also appears in other areas, like New Zealand, Java, and Sumatra.
  • When it nests in real life, this bird usually lays its eggs in a small, sandy depression in the ground, sometimes lining their nest with dry grasses. However, more elaborate nests have been observed being built atop bushes.


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