The Bald Notothen is a small species of fish particular to Endless Ocean: Blue World. It is found only in Antarctica.

In-Game Description

"This fish lives in water as cold as 27°F in the Antarctic. Normally a fish would freeze in these temperatures, but this species has a special antifreeze protein that protects it."


Endless Ocean: Blue World

Bald Notothens can be found under zoom-mode spots in the Iceberg Cavern in the Weddell Sea, at coordinates C-3, to the North.


These small fish are fairly bland in terms of behavior. They simply swim around slowly, usually in small groups of two or three per zoom-mode glow, but the player may find one all alone on occasion.


  • When leading tour guide quests to the Iceberg Cavern, this creature is one of the most common requests for the client's must-see fish.
  • This fish is often preyed upon by the Antarctic Toothfish.


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