The Banded Dogfish (also known as the Banded Houndshark) is a large fish found in both games. They swim around when poked.


In-Game Description

"This shark has a wide head and slightly rounded mouth surrounded by two spines. It is ovoviviparous, meaning that eggs are incubated inside the mother's body.

It produces around twenty young which are nourished by the yolk of their egg. Because it lives in changing habitats, such as shallow coastal waters, it is not overly affected by environmental change.

It is often kept in aquariums because it is docile and easy to breed."


Endless Ocean

These fish can be found around the shipwreck and fighter wreckage in the Ocean's Graveyard.

Endless Ocean 2

These are often seen in Gatama Atoll, around E-5.

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