The Banjo Catfish is a small species of freshwater fish particular to Endless Ocean: Blue World.

In-Game Description

"This catfish is very flat and dull in colour, usually brown or black. Its plain appearance makes it ideally suited to escape predators by hiding on the river bed amongst rotting leaves or driftwood."


Endless Ocean 2

Banjo Catfish can be found in small groups under zoom-mode glows in the Cortica River, Midstream, at coordinates B-3 NE, A-1 SE, and B-1 S.


These small fish are found in small groups of two to three individuals per glow. They move around slowly, close to the riverbed, and may be somewhat hard to spot due to their dull colouration and slow movements.

Banjo Catfish

The Banjo Catfish in this in-game photo is somewhat hard to spot, but the photographer has marked it out using a green circle.


  • Banjo Catfish, as well as moving their bodies and fins to propel themselves through the water, can also use the water pumped through their gills as a method of propulsion.
  • These fish are sometimes able to produce sound by moving the spines in their pectoral fins rapidly back and forth. They often only do this if agitated.
  • This speceis of fish is an omnivore, feeding on both aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates, such as insects, as well as organic debris; however, this species and some of its relatives also oftentimes feed on the eggs of other catfish species.
  • This fish, though not particularly popular as an aquarium fish, is sometimes kept in tanks, and they will tolerate other small tank-mates. However, gravel or other rough materials in the bottom of the tank (called substrate) may damage their whiskers, so any tank that holds them will need a soft, sandy substrate that they can forage in safely.
  • Oftentimes, this fish will bury itself in the substrate of its environment at night.

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