The Bartail Flathead, also known as the Flathead Fish, is a large benthic fish found in both games. They are a solitary species found on the seafloor.

In-Game Description

Endless Ocean

"These fish have long, flat bodies with large mouths and extended lower jaws. They are generally brown with white bellies, although they have several dark lines across their backs. They can commonly be seen near Blue Holes during the winter season."

Endless Ocean 2

"This fish with a distinctive thin, flat head lives on the seabed where its sandy colour makes it difficult for predators or prey to spot it. It buries itself in the sand and generally lies still during the day.

The female is usually the larger of the two sexes; this is because males turn into females as they mature so by the time they have grown to a reasonable size they have usually turned into females."


Endless Ocean

These are found in the Great Aqua Cave (Mermaid's Grotto) all year around, though they are also found near Blue Holes (Blue Hall) during wintertime.

Endless Ocean 2

These are found in the Zahhab Region at C/D/E-4 and D-7.

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