The Basking Shark is a large cartilaginous fish. This shark may have a huge cavernous mouth, but, like the Whale Shark, it is a plankton eater. It appears only in Endless Ocean: Blue World.

In-Game Description

"This is the second largest fish in the world. It lives almost entirely on a diet of plankton taken in through its very large mouth. Although it is no danger to man, it has become an endangered species due to indiscriminate hunting.

[Mysterious Remains]

Every now and again there are news reports of the remains of unidentified creatures washing up on shore or being caught in fishing nets. One such incident involved the rotting remains of a completely unknown animal, which was thought to be some kind of plesiosaur.

Subsequent inspection established that it was most probably the remains of a basking shark. However, possibility that it is an Unidentified Marine Animal has not been ruled out."


The Basking Shark can be found in the South Canyon in Ciceros Strait, swimming in a slow pattern at night. A short cutscene will play the first time you encounter it, showing the shark swimming around the Blood Lotus, before you can interact with it.


  • This is the second largest fish in the world. Only whale sharks are larger.


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