The Beluga is a white whale found in both games. In the original Endless Ocean, its appearance will be unlocked after all caves in the Great Aqua Cave have been discovered, all four Abyss caves have been explored and all six stone tablets in the Atoll have been read. An email about a "white dolphin" unlocks its appearance.

In-Game Description

"This dolphin is completely white with a melon, a rounded lump of fatty tissue, protruding from its forehead.

The melon can change shape slightly. It has a thin protrusion on its back, but no real dorsal fin, and its scientific name means 'wingless white dolphin'.

It lives in groups of up to a thousand or even more.

[A Whale That Sheds its Skin]

Its white skin turns yellow in late spring, and in summer beluga gather at inlets or shallows where fresh water flows into the sea and start rubbing themselves on sand or gravel at the bottom.

It may be shocking to watch, but gradually the old skin falls away to reveal the new and the beluga is white once again."


Endless Ocean

One can be frequently seen in the Prince's Room in the Underwater Ruins of Mo'ia Atoll once exploration has been completed in other areas and the email about the "white dolphin" has been received as well as the player having collected the mysterious Bracelet from the Gallery of Souls.

Endless Ocean 2

One group of these whales can be found in the North Coast of Canada around the A-4NW ice hole.

After speaking to Finley at one point in order to complete the quest that requires the player to befriend dolphins, a beluga with a rose pattern on its body will appear for you to befriend.

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