The Bering Wolffish is a large fish often found in man-made ruins. It appears in both of the Endless Ocean games.

In-Game Description

Endless Ocean

"It has a long, brown body with a fat front section and a thin rear section, and a length of 1.3m. Also, its dorsal fin stretches from the rear of its head to its tail section. Can be found in areas with numerous man-made objects all year round."

Endless Ocean: Blue World

"It hides in reef crevices with just its head poking out, and has a long mouth full of large, sharp teeth that it uses to catch crustaceans and shellfish. It can crush them, shell and all, with its powerful back molars.

[Parental Affection]

When the sticky batches of eggs are laid in the winter, the parent fish wraps itself around the eggs and protects them from predators until they hatch. This takes up to four months, and shows a surprisingly affectionate side to this scary-looking fish."


Endless Ocean

A few Bering Wolffish are found around the Ship's Rest, in the general vicinity of the Fighter Wreckage. These large fish are seen hiding away in nooks and crannies of the shell of the plane that they inhabit.

Endless Ocean 2

Small groups of these fish are found in the Cavern of the Gods, swimming around the ends of the collapsed hallways by the Altars of Nephthys and Horus. However, they appear only at nighttime.


Endless Ocean

These fish tend to stay close to the ocean floor or to their hiding spots, rarely swimming out into the open. They are rather shy fish and do not actively attempt to approach the player, but they do like being given food.

Endless Ocean 2

They stay close to the ocean floor and may be hard to spot, their dull colours blending in somewhat to the rock around them, and the darkness that nighttime brings does not make spotting them easier. However, due to their fairly large size, they are made easier to find. They like being given food, and the player can unlock their trivia by feeding them.


  • Another common name for the family of fish the Bering Wolffish belongs to is 'sea wolf'. However, 'wolffish' is far more commonly used.
  • These fish have powerful jaws, sharp canine teeth, and strong molars, with which they eat crustaceans and shellfish. However, despite their potentially dangerous bite, they pose no threat to the player in-game.

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