Berthella Aurantiaca
Type of animal: Sea Slug
Species: Berthella Aurantiaca
Length: 5 cm/2 in
What it looks like: An orange blob
Location: Valka Castle (EO2)
Forms: Adult only

The Berthella Aurantiaca is a sea slug.

In-Game Description

"These striking orange sea slugs have a relatively simple shape, without the dorsal protrusions and fins of other sea slugs."


Endless Ocean 2

Valka Castle, C-2NE


They very slowly move around, like most other sea slugs.


  • There is only one of these, found under only one glow with two Cardinal Fish. It may crawl behind the scenery or be hidden by the larger Cardinal Fish. Just wait for an orange-ish sort of blob to appear, and it is found.
  • This sea slug has no real name, it is just known by its' latin name
  • Very little is known about this sea slug, as it was only recently discovered.
  • This is seen both day and night

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