The Bicolor Blenny is a species of blenny named for its vivid and striking colouration.

In-Game Description

"The front and rear of this fish are different colours, which gives it its scientific name, meaning 'two colours'. Some fish have different colours on their back and stomachs instead of on their front and rear.

[Male Tactics]

When wooing a partner, the male will approach a female with all his fins spread out and repeatedly swim upwards in a zigzag fashion and then back to his nest.

An interested female will gradually follow the male, and before she knows it she will be inside his nest where they breed and she lays eggs. The male then takes care of the eggs until they hatch."


Endless Ocean

Bicolour Blennies can be found under coral glows, mostly in the Wild Channel.

Endless Ocean 2

These fish are found under glows in Ciceros Strait.


These are found only under zoom-mode glows, normally hiding in a hole, like most other blennies. They retreat into their home upon being poked or touched, but they respond well to food.


  • Another common name for this fish is the Flametail Blenny, because of its vivid orange back half. It is also called the Two-Colour Blenny.
  • This fish is a popular aquarium fish, due to its easygoing temperament and lovely colours. It is recommended for anyone looking to keep this fish that they scatter large rocks on the floor of the aquarium for this fish to perch on and hide underneath.