The Bicolor Parrotfish (spelled as Bicolour Parrotfish in the European releases) is a large species of coral reef fish.

In-Game Description

"This fish's teeth come together in a shape that resembles a parrot's beak. Though adult fish have very striking faces, it is the adorable young fish that are most popular with divers.

[A Surprising Connection]

Parrotfish feed on algae which cling to coral, nibbling the entire coral off using their strong teeth.

Then, using the teeth at the rear of their mouth to grind, they eat only the algae and excrete the fine white powder that remains after grinding up the coral.

The excreted coral gradually builds up and, over many years, the area surrounding the coral reef becomes covered with pure white sand."


Endless Ocean

Bicolour Parrotfish can be found almost everywhere in the main ocean, but they are particularly common in the Coral Forest area.

Endless Ocean 2

These fish are common in Ciceros Strait - including within Valka Castle - and the Zahhab Region.


While they can be found commonly in certain areas, they aren't usually found in "schools" - rather, they seem to prefer large, widely-spaced groups. Unless they're in pursuit of food (which unlocks its trivia information in the second game), they swim rather slowly.


  • All of the adult instances of this species in either game have the colouration of an adult male. Adult females are brown-and-cream, a much duller colour palette than is seen on any specimen in-game. The juveniles, however, are coloured accurately.
    • Bicolour Parrotfish are sequential hermaphrodites (as are many of their relatives). This means that they change sexes as part of their natural life cycle. These fish in particular start out as female - known as the initial phase - and turn into males eventually - known as the terminal phase.