Big Bobby is a legendary Emperor Penguin that appears in Endless Ocean: Blue World's Weddell Sea after completing a certain mission.

In-Game Description

"Emperor penguins will normally reach around 100 - 130cm, but Big Bobby has already grown to 170cm, which is as tall as an average human male. Discovered about two years ago by an American winter research team, he was called 'Fat Bob' at first before being renamed 'Big Bobby'. He seems to have grown a little more this year too.

[Extinct Giant Penguins]

Millions of years ago, there was a species of penguin larger than those that live today. They were over 160cm tall and became extinct about 40 million years ago. The largest confirmed penguin fossils to date measure 170 - 180cm, but there were never any dinosaur-sized penguins 10m tall."


Endless Ocean 2

During part 3 of the quest titled "Help Me!", Big Bobby can be seen swimming about in the water among other Emperor Penguins, and he is rather ill, so the player must use the Pulsar on him before they can get his information. After they've completed this task, Big Bobby can be found on land at coordinates A-4 NW, but only if the weather is clear or a little cloudy, not when there's a snowstorm raging.


Big Bobby will wander around slowly on land among the other Emperor Penguins and other types of penguins that live on the iceberg he makes his home. The player can obtain his in-game trivia by poking or petting him.


  • During a snowstorm, Big Bobby will disappear and instead be replaced by Snowball, a much smaller and better-camouflaged legendary Rockhopper Penguin.
  • Big Bobby, due to his size, is quite easy to spot among his brethren, as he virtually towers over them in height.
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