The Bigfin Reef Squid is a type of squid found in both games.

In Game Description

Endless Ocean

"The main body is spindle-shaped with fins that spread from either side as well as eight arms and two tentacles that hang below the body. They are almost translucent in colour. Adults of this species can be seen in Green Garden during the summer."

Endless Ocean: Blue World

"A large fin runs all the way around this white, almost transparent fish. It lays its eggs on coral or seaweed from spring to summer. During this time, the male never leaves the female's side, protecting both the eggs and the female as she lays them

[Liquid Crystal]

Squid ink is a liquid crystal, but there are many different kinds of liquid crystal, and it is not the same as that used in displays (LCDs). Liquid crystals similar to squid ink can be used in thermometers or to bring out a glossy finish on surfaces."


In Endless Ocean, These are found in the Green Garden area in the summer and fall at night only.

In Endless Ocean 2, These are found in: the following areas:


These creatures can be found swimming about in small groups, with young ones and eggs found under glows. If you poke it, you will gain its trivia, and it will release a cloud of ink into the water around it.


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