Black Harbinger
Type of animal: Whale
Species: Megaptera novaeangliae
Length: Unknown
What it looks like: A jet-black Humpback whale
Location: Gatama Atoll (EO2)
Form: Adult only
The Black Harbinger is a jet-black Humpback Whale
Black harbinger by arielfanatic-d38ilwr

In-Game Description

"This large, jet black humpback whale can be seen in the Solomon Islands.

In Paoul legend, it stands in direct contrast to the loving White Mother; where she grants new life, this whale spirit is said to preside over death and the afterlife.

At least one hundred years old, every fishermen in the region knows about it and it is considered the ruler of those seas.

It seems to visit Gatama Atoll in Paoul every few years, but no one knows why."

Whale's Requiem

Where legends about the White Mother are positive, those of the Black Harbinger are usually negative. His song is said to be heartbreakingly sad, and is believed to be a requiem guiding the souls of the dead.

Because of this, local fishermen will burn their fishing tackle if they meet him while at sea, in an attempt to ward off the fate of being led to the land of the dead.


This is only found in the second game, around:
Gatama Atoll, C-6 & D-7, where the mother and baby Humpback Whale usually swim.


It swims in a pattern almost identical to the mother Humpback Whale that is normally found in C-6/D-7, with no notable differences.

How to find it

If you look in Gatama Atoll, on the morning or night of a New Moon, the normal mother and baby humpback whale should be replaced by this legendary creature


  • The "New Moon" messages may be seen when looking through the telescope you bought from Nancy.
  • He can be found day and night, but he is more active at night.
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