BlackfinBarracuda Eo2

Blackfin Barracuda
Type of animal: fish
Species: Sphyraena qenie
Length: 3 ft
What it looks like: A striped, long fish.
Location: Green Garden autumn (EO), Zahhab Region (EO2)
Forms: Adult only

The Blackfin Barracuda is a fish that swims in schools.

In-Game Description

"Pale silver with numerous dark stripes, this fish has a distinctive high ridge in the middle of its caudal fin.

It forms enormous schools where countless numbers of fish gather together and form huge circles or spirals depending on the currents."


Endless Ocean

These are seen in Green Garden during autumn.

Endless Ocean 2

These are seen in Zahhab Region, around E&F-2&3. They swim over the drop-off area.


They can be see swimming in a large group.


In Endless Ocean they can ony be found during Autumn.

In Endless Ocean: Blue World they can be seen only at night.


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