The Blotchy Swell Shark is a large animal that appears as juveniles in both Endless Ocean games.

In-Game Description

"Only four inches when young, this shark has narrow eyes and lies on the seabed near rocky and coral reefs. If it feels threatened, it can inflate its stomach by inhaling water or air.

[Long-term Storage]

A female can preserve a male's sperm inside her body for a long period of time after breeding, and fertilized eggs are known to have been laid two years after mating. The eggs are about four inches long, with tendrils connected to each corner that help to anchor the eggs to rocks and seaweed on the seabed to stop them from being carried away."


Endless Ocean

They can be found under glows in the Ocean's Graveyard area..

Endless Ocean: Blue World

They can be found under glows in Valka Castle, only at coordinates A-2, in the Armory, or as B-2, in the room there. They mostly appear as eggs, but if you're lucky, you can find a young one under one of the glows there.


Either the eggs sit there and do nothing (as eggs do), or the sharks swim about in small patterns. The sharks respond well to being fed, and you can obtain their trivia by petting them.


  • In both Endless Ocean games, adults are never found. Only young ones.
  • The eggs of sharks and skates are commonly called "mermaid's purses", and the egg of this shark resembles the shape most commonly associated with a mermaid's purse.
  • This is the only creature in the sequel that has an egg form.
  • Because the sequel has no yearly time span, swellshark eggs can only be found closer to the start of the game and will never reappear.


  • This is the shark in the egg