The Blue-Green Chromis (Otherwise known as simply the Green Chromis) is a small species of coral-reef fish with the scientific name Chromis Viridis.

In-Game Description

Endless Ocean

[In this game, they are simply called Green Chromis.]

"These fish have narrow, spindle-shaped bodies with two-pronged tails. Despite the name, they are actually more of a blue green colour, with a distinct white belly. easy to spot, they can be found year-round in various Manoa Lai locales."

Endless Ocean: Blue World

"This fish is blue-green on top, gradually changing to white on its belly. Depending on the angle of the light that hits it, it appears to change from blue to green. Though difficult to tell because of its small size, the teeth of its lower jaw protrude from its mouth. Schools of these fish tend to congregate above coral reefs and move in unison into crevices in the coral for safety when threatened."


These little guys can be seen nearly everywhere in Endless Ocean, and in Endless Ocean 2, they're seen mostly around Ciceros Strait and Valka Castle.


These small fish respond positively to food and being petted. They can be seen in the overworld as medium-to-large groups of fish, and under zoom-mode patches, they appear in groups of two or three, often accompanied by other fish.


  • These fish are one of the few species that can be seen and focused on both in the main world and in zoom mode.


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