The Blue-Spotted Jawfish is a small species of fish that lives in holes it digs in the seabed. It is only found in Endless Ocean: Blue World.

In-Game Description

“As its name suggests this fish is covered in attractive blue spots. It digs a hole in the seabed for its nest, where males incubate the young in their mouths.”


Endless Ocean: Blue World

The Blue-Spotted Jawfish can only be found in Gatama Atoll at coordinates E-5, under a zoom-mode spot just West of the private island next to the Private Reef. It often shares its zoom-mode spot with a Moorish Idol.


These fish behave in a similar manner to other blenny-like fish, acting shyly and often hiding away in their nest (a hole dug into the seafloor). It can be lured out of its hole with food, but it is nonetheless hard to spot.


  • This fish is one that covers the entrance to its burrow every night and rebuilds the entrance every morning.
  • Their dens are made of broken coral bits, seashell fragments, branches, and other hard materials.
  • These fish are a somewhat-common aquarium fish, but there are other species of jawfish that are more commonly kept in aquaria (none of which are seen in the games).


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