The Blue-Spotted Ribbontail Ray is a type of ray found in both games. It is also called the Blue-Spotted Lagoon Ray.

In-Game Description

"This ray is greenish-yellow with large blue spots all over its body. It also has a long tail with a stinger at the end and two blue lines running from root to tip.

[Sand Jet]

It blasts its prey with a jet of sand from the seabed, and then breaks up the fish or shellfish with its hard teeth. This species never buries itself on the sea floor."


Endless Ocean

Blue-Spotted Ribbontail Rays are mostly found in the Great Aqua Cave, swimming close to the seafloor inside of the multitude of tunnels.

Endless Ocean 2

These creatures can be found in the following locations:


Endless Ocean

They can be seen swimming in small circles close to the ocean floor.

Endless Ocean 2

  • Ciceros Strait: They move around the sandy ocean floor with no particular pattern of movement.
  • Valka Castle: They are found in the first room with Luna Lionfish, swimming about, off to the side in the corner of the room.
  • Cavern of the Gods: There are three doing small circles in the hall outside the Altar of Nephthys, and one inside of the Altar room itself.


  • In reality, these stingrays are extremely lethal and will attack provokers. In game however, they are totally harmless.


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