The Blue Bird is a bird in Endless Ocean: Blue World. It does not get into the encyclopedia. It visits a bunch of different landing spots around the world, and it is the main character of the Find the Blue Bird quest in the notebook.

Blue bird

1: The Blue Bird == You first find the Blue Bird on your pier, next to Jean-Eric. You focus on it, and Oceana comes over and talks to you about what a cool blue bird it is. But then you hear a strange voice that says, "Follow... Me..." and then the Blue Bird flies off.

2: Bird of Good Fortune

Oceana says that the Blue Bird flew toward Gatama Atoll. When you find it (It is found on the southeastern surface area) you hear a voice sing something, and then it flies away. You look on the ground and find a pair of Dry Gloves, and then return to Nineball Island.

3: Tisera's Request

When you get back to Nineball Island, a lady named Tisera comes and asks you about a blue bird. She explains that it has seven landing spots around the world, all of them close to water.

The voice had sang, "Those who seek me... In Triton Cove..." Can you find all seven landing spots?

4: The Frozen Land

You go to Triton Cove, a landing spot in the center of Ciceros Strait, and find the blue bird. A voice sings, "When the ice the frozen south...." before the Blue Bird flies away. Then, you find a pair of Aqua Fins.

5: The Heavenly Curtain

You travel to the Weddell Sea during a snowstorm, and find the blue bird at the surface area at D-1E, and hear it say, "When curtains cover the the frozen north...." and then it flies away. Then, you will find a Seeker BCD.

6: Green Blessings

You travel to the North Coast of Canada, rest until midnight, when the Aurora comes out, then, go the ice hole at B-2SW (where the Polar Bear lives), then find the blue bird and hear it sing, "When blessings rain from the green of the tropics..." then it flies off and you'll find a pair of Precision Fins.

7: Red Full Moon

You travel to the Cortica River, Midstream and wait for it to rain. Then, swim to the sandbanks at B-3N, and find the bluebird, where it will say, "On the night of a full moon...on a red sandbank..." and then it flies away, and if your diver is a man, he'll find a pair of swim-shorts, if your diver is a woman, she'll find a Natural Bikini.

End: Finding Happiness

You travel to Zahhab Region, then go ashore at C-2 on the evening or night of a full moon, and find the Blue Bird, where it will say, "'Follow the happy place..." before flying away. Your diver will then find a Sprayed Tank.

You find the Blue Bird at the same place on the pier at Nineball Island. Oceana identifies that it's not leaving, so she calls Tisera. After explaining her story, she will give you a Ninja Diving Suit and then leaves.

The quest finishes there.

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