The Blue Discus (also known as the Disc Flounder) is a freshwater fish that appears in the Cortica River in Endless Ocean: Blue World.

It is a schooling species.


This species has an attractive metallic blue lustre and is popular as an aquarium fish.

Fish in the discus genus come in a variety of colours and each has its own name.

Not all of these colours have occurred naturally - many have been achieved by selective breeding."

[Where's the Milk Coming From?]

These fish provide a viscous solution called 'discus milk' for rearing their young. The fish do not have teats, but instead secrete it through their skin.

Even more surprising is that this 'milk' is secreted by the male as well as the female.


Endless Ocean 2

The Blue Discus is located in the Cortica River in the Twilight Temple grounds, specifically at C-1SE, C-2NE, D-2NW.


  • There are many varieties of this fish such as the Red Discus, Turquoise Discus, Purple Discus, Diamond Blue Discus, and Cobalt Blue Discus. However, only the regular blue appears in this game.


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