Blue Holes

Blue Hall (Known as Blue Holes in the American release) is a large, cavernous area located in the Eastern half of the Manoa Lai sea.

Local Life

Inhabited by many small fish, such as Sailfin Tang, Clown Triggerfish, and Emperor Angelfish, Blue Hall is also home to several smaller fish under zoom-mode spots, especially around the coral and sponges that dot the rocky sections of the seafloor here. These smaller fish include life like Starck's Demoiselle and Blue-Green Chromis.

Location and Geography

Blue Hall resembles a large cave, with a couple of entrances near the seafloor and four large holes in the ceiling (Blue Hall is known as Blue Holes in the American release of Endless Ocean due to these holes). Light streams through these holes, giving the whole place a calm, eerie feel, as the rest of the cave is fairly dark.

According to Alfred Thorman, this location is a site of frequent treasure findings, having something to do with the currents making things drift here. However, Blue Hall is only home to two static treasures: the Dolphin Medal and a fragment of the Ancient Bronze Mirror.

There is a small landmark here not marked on the map: Mele Patswa's Pocket.