The Blue Sea Star is a type of sea star related to the common Sea Star.

In-Game Description

"This blue starfish has five solid round arms. It mainly feeds on microbes and organic matter on the ocean floor, and its mouth is located in the middle of its body. There are also green and grey varieties.

If turned over it can right itself by cleverly moving its arms.


Starfish are very good at regenerating. An arm will regrow over time if it has been cut off. What's more, the dismembered arm also regenerates, gradually regrowing and eventually developing into an entirely new starfish."


Endless Ocean

These can be found all over coral gardens.

Endless Ocean 2

These can be found in Zahhab Region in coordinate areas D2, E2, C4 and D4.


They appear under sandy glows, only one individual under every zoom-mode glow, and are often accompanied by groups young Threespot Dascyllus.


  • In the Zahhab Region, a large group of them can be seen on the sand to the northwest of the region where the player can go ashore. Despite their presence, they cannot be focused on.


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