The Bluntnose Sixgill Shark is a large species of shark that appears in both Endless Ocean games. In the second game, they are aggressive.

In-Game Description

"This fish has characteristics of ancient sharks, such as a single dorsal fin and six gill slits. Its snout is connected to its skull at two points, which gives its jaw less freedom of movement than other modern sharks' jaws.

It also has beautiful green luminescent eyes. It lives at depths of several hundred metres, rising to the surface at night.

[Two Types of Tooth]

The shape of the teeth is different for each jaw. The upper jaw has long, sharp teeth used to catch prey, while the wide, thick teeth on the bottom jaw are used to chew food."


Endless Ocean

It can be found patrolling the Graveyard in the daytime, and near the Passage to the Abyss at night.

Endless Ocean 2

It can be found in the Zahhab Region Depths in the South Crevasse, patrolling around the entrance to the Southern Cavern.


These sharks are solitary creatures. When poked (in Endless Ocean), they will thrash about a bit. In Endless Ocean: Blue World, the sole specimen is aggressive and will attempt to attack the player.


  • In Endless Ocean, it does not like being prodded or touched and will most likely lunge out at the diver. The Underwater pen works best when getting to know the trivia for this shark, just scribbling near it should work. Giving it food also works.
  • This species of shark is related to the Greenland Shark and both species are very long lived.
  • In reality, bluntnose sixgill sharks do not present a threat to humans.
    • There is only one recorded incident of a human attack by a sixgill.
    • Sixgills have been known to enjoy the presence of physically respectful divers.
    • When provoked, they will only swim into deeper waters to avoid human contact or snap if it feels extremely uncomfortable.