The Boötes Coin is one of the one hundred coins found all over the world in the second Endless Ocean game. It is found in Ciceros Strait at coordinates F-4, to the East of the wreck of the sunken ship the Arktos (which is found at E-4). This coin is one of the five needed to complete the coin quest "The Tragedy of Callisto" a sub-quest in the larger one entitled "Voice of the Night Sky".


  • The work 'boötes' in Greek literally translates to the word 'ox-driver', meaning that the constellation named after it (and engraved on this coin) is based upon a cattle-herder or farmer of some kind, most likely working with livestock (hence the name meaning 'ox-driver').
  • The constellation upon this coin is meant to represent the son of Callisto and Zeus, who almost shot his mother with a bow when out hunting one day (with his two dogs, Canes Venatici), as she had been turned into a bear (Ursa Major) by the jealous Hera. Zeus then turned him into a bear cub, immortalized in the sky as Ursa Minor.

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