Bond of Creation

The two distinctive columns that mark this area.

Bond of Creation
(called Between Heaven and Earth in the American release) is a small, unmarked landmark that can be found in Endless Ocean.

Local Life

The local sea life in this landmark's general area includes several Yellow Longnose Butterflyfish. It also contains a large amount of soft pink corals, which are not found in very many other locations in-game.

The only other locations to have such a notable amount of these corals include the Mermaid's Grotto and Mahla Baoh's Jaw, making this location unique in at least that aspect.

Location and Geography

is a small area near Deep Valley, at coordinates G-7. It features two pillars supporting a large overhang of rock, as well as an abundance of the aforementioned pink corals. Other than the corals and the Butterflyfish, the player will not find much of interest in this area, perhaps aside from its rather ethereal appearance, due to the two pillars and soft corals that bend in the sea currents.