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Bottlenose Dolphin
Type of animal: Dolphin
Species: Tursiops truncatus
Length: 3.6m/12 ft
What it looks like: A gray dolphin
Location: Underwater Ruins of Mo'ia Atoll (EO), Ciceros Strait (EO2)
Forms: Adult only

The Bottlenose Dolphin is a type of dolphin that is said to be the most popular dolphin in existence today.

In-Game Description

"This is the best known species of dolphin and the one most often seen in aquariums.

In the wild, it often forms groups, or pods, of around 15. These pods can even contain several hundred dolphins.

It has a habit of playing in the wake of ships or large whales, and is often seen swimming alongside boats."

Partner Description

"One of your in-game partners. The first dolphin you meet in the waters of Manaurai. It is a little unusual as bottlenose dolphins are rarely seen in these waters. There must be a colony of them hidden somewhere in the vicinity."

"Playful and full of energy. Constantly makes various speaking sounds underwater and clearly has a talkative personality. This specimen is around ten years old, but others in the species have been known to live more than thirty years."

"Always held in high regard by tourists, yet in ancient times for the inhabitants of the neighbouring islands of the Paoul Republic, the bottlenose dolphin was once seen as an object of faith and up until around a hundred years ago was not to be approached. But dolphins are curious and tend to approach humans. When this happened it was said that they brought happiness to devout believers."

Getting Close to Humans

Some bottlenose dolphins settle in coves or coastlines, where they seem to enjoy playing with humans and become famous among local inhabitants.

Dolphins are also used in animal-assisted therapy, where a person interacts with an an animal as part of their therapy. This special form of therapy is continually being researched and is gaining favourable attention.


Endless Ocean

This is first discovered at the lagoon, and later a large pod in the Underwater Ruins of Mo'ia Atoll

Endless Ocean 2

Three are found swimming around Cross Rift in Ciceros Strait. This is also where the albino bottlenose dolphin is found.


They swim around in loose groups.


  • These can be found day and night.


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