The Branched Sea Slug is a small nudibranch that can be found in both of the games in the Endless Ocean series.

In-Game Description

"The numerous protuberances growing on this orange sea slug can do many things. Cells on their tips emit light when stimulated, spreading them out allows it to ride on ocean currents, and it can even use them to move."


Endless Ocean

The Branched Sea Slug can be found in Mo'ia Atoll, under zoom-mode glows on the roof of the Ruins and on the flat stones on the seafloor around the ruins.

Endless Ocean: Blue World

These creatures are only found under zoom-mode glows on the floor of Valka Castle, and only at coordinates A-2 SW.


They crawl about slowly on the seafloor, glowing a soft blue occasionally. They like being fed, and when poked, they glow more intensely. They are usually solitary creatures, but they can also be found in small groups maxing out at three individuals.


  • A different name for this creature is the Tasselled Nudibranch.
  • The small numbers of this creature can make them somewhat tricky to find and it is recommended that the player bring Oceana with them if they are searching for this creature.


  • An image of the in-game sea slug when it has lit itself up.

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