The British Treasure is a salvage item found in Endless Ocean 2. When this chest is scanned using the Multisensor, it is shown to be made of stone, metal, and high-density materials.

In-Game Description

"Full of currency, this chest was lost at sea during a secret 19th-century mission."


The British Treasure is found using the "Freight-Salvaging Rumor" treasure quest, which is only triggered once the player has fully completed the area map of Deep Hole.

In the player's notebook, the rumor's descriptive text states: "There are many stories of freight from a ship that sank long ago being found around the middle level of Deep Hole." True to these clues, the treasure is found in the middle-level area of Deep Hole in Gatama Atoll.

Appraisal Reward

the appraisal reward for this one-time salvage item is thirteen thousand pelagos. Nancy Young, after appraising this item, will also give the player a Small Anchor, an item they can use to decorate their Private Reef.

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