The Brown Booby is a species of seabird named for its brown plumage.

In Game Description

"This seabird has short wings and a pointed beak with jagged edges. The area around the base of the beak is blue in males and a pale yellow in females. It flies high above the waves hunting for prey, performing a nosedive into the water when it finds some. It has been seen by divers at depths of up to 100 ft."


Endless Ocean

In the first Endless Ocean, the Brown Booby can be found landing on the rails of the player's boat from time to time, and they can also be found diving underwater in an area close to the Secret Lake to the south. They can be seen during both the daytime and the nighttime.

Endless Ocean: Blue World

In Endless Ocean: Blue World, small groups of these birds can be spotted in Gatama Atoll, on land at coordinates F-5 and diving underwater at G-5. However, in both places, they can only be found in the daytime.


While on land, the Brown Booby will simply stand in one place before flying off after a short while. In Endless Ocean: Blue World, they appreciate being given food while on land, but they appreciate being stroked and petted in both games.

Underwater, they are found in small-to-medium-sized close-knit groups that dive in and out of the water, swimming about at high speeds.


  • The young Brown Booby, contrary to the species' name, is a dull brown-grey with darkened areas around the head, wings, and tail. Juveniles do not appear in either of the Endless Ocean games.


  • You can tell this specimen is a female because of the yellow on her beak.
  • You can tell this specimen is a male because of the pale blue on his beak.

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