Brown booby

Brown Booby
Type of animal: Seabird
Species: Sula leucogaster
Length: 2 ft 4 in
What it looks like: A brown bird with a white belly and some blue on its beak
Location: (EO2) Gatama Atoll F-5 and G-5
Time Day and night in (EO), Day only (EO2)
Forms: Adult

The Brown Booby is a species of water bird

In Game Description

"This seabird has short wings and a pointed beak with jagged edges. The area around the base of the beak is blue in males and a pale yellow in females. It flies high above the waves hunting for prey, performing a nosedive into the water when it finds some. It has been seen by divers at depths of up to 100 ft."


These can be seen on your boat and underwater around the area towards Secret Lake in Endless Ocean

In Endless Ocean 2, these can be spotted in Gatama Atoll, around F-5 (land) and G-5


In water, they dive in small groups for fish and on land, these are loosely scattered


  • They can be found day and night in the first game
  • They can be seen in the daytime only in the second game


  • You can tell this is a female because of the yellow on her beak
  • You can tell this is a male because of the blue on his beak

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