The Butterfly Peacock Bass is a freshwater fish found primarily in tropical rivers. It only appears in Endless Ocean: Blue World.

In-Game Description

"This fish has a distinctive eye- shaped mark on its tail. Males develop a noticeable bump on their forehead as they reach maturity. It is popular both as a game fish and in aquariums."


Endless Ocean 2

Medium-sized groups of Butterfly Peacock Bass can be seen swimming around all throughout the Cortica River's Midstream section.


These fish swim about in loose groups at a rather slow speed, so they are rather easy to observe, as well as standing out from the murky water surrounding them with their bright yellow-gold colouration. They seem to appreciate being offered food, though they have no in-game trivia to unlock via feeding them.


  • Though this fish is native to South America, it has been introduced to other freshwater habitats, like those in Hawaii, Florida, and Puerto Rico.
  • Another common name for this fish is simply Peacock Bass, though it is also called the Peacock Cichlid (pronounced sick-lid) on occasion.

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