Cacao Maharaja (also spelled Cocoa Maharaja) is a legendary leatherback turtle.

In-Game Description

"The leatherback is the largest turtle, and this is the largest leatherback. The ship that first sighted and reported this giant was the Cocoa Maharaja, and the turtle has somehow taken the same name. Its friendly nature has made it extremely popular around the southern seas of Pelago.

[Lucky Turtle]

This turtle is so popular with the divers of the region that it is featured in this year's Pelago guidebook. The chances of sighting Cocoa Maharaja are actually very slim, as it is only sighted once a year even by the inhabitants of the local islands. This has led to a rumor that anyone who sees the turtle will be blessed with amazingly good luck."


After the player saves the shipwrecked dog named Snorkel, they should pet him while he's laying down by the fire pit on Nineball Island during the day. Snorkel will be alerted to something big moving in Gatama Atoll, and will bark at it, alerting the payer to its presence. This begins the special request called "Floating Island", which is how the player unlocks this creature in the Marine Encyclopedia. To investigate, the player the has to go to Gatama Atoll and swim to Cake Rock (coordinates D-4 on the map). When the player surfaces and looks to the west, they should see something large moving through the water around Gatama's Navel. Swimming to the Navel to investigate will allow the player to meet Cacao Maharaja and, from then on, it can be seen patrolling slowly on a route surrounding the Navel, but only in the daytime.


Cacao Maharaja swims a slow circle around Gatama's Navel, sidetracked by nothing. It does not actively attempt to interact with the player and poses no threat to them. It enjoys being stroked and being in pictures, and taking a high-quality picture of it unlocks its trivia information.


Let's Play EO2 AotD - Part 41j Doggone it!

Let's Play EO2 AotD - Part 41j Doggone it!

Where to find Cacao Maharaja

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