Caiman Relic (Drawing)

An artist's depiction of the Caiman Relic, as no in-game picture is available.

The Caiman Relic is a unique salvage item that the player finds under a sparkling patch in the Stone Castle area in the Zahhab Region. Once the player obtains this relic, King Gigide will appear in the Cortica River Upstream. It is unknown why these two areas, so far away from each other, contain two things that are linked together so intimately. It is also unknown why the Caiman Relic causes King Gigide to appear.

The Caiman Relic functions similarly to the otherwise-unrelated Whale Ornament in that they both cause legendary creatures to appear in certain locations, once found.

Once obtained, the Relic is a permanent fixture in the 'key items' section of the player's bag. Its inventory description reads: "A fragment of something. It has a strange, solemn feel about it."

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