The California Sea Lion is a species of sea lion found on the western coast of North America, and is named after the U.S. state of California, even though their habitat actually ranges all the way from Alaska to southern Central America.

In Game Description

"This sea lion's short fur can be glossy black or matte brown. Each male has a distinctive mane around it's neck. With five webbed digits on its legs and flippers more developed than those of other sea lions, it can also move nimbly on land. It is polygamous, with a male creating a harem of over 10 females. Because of this the male patrols to protect against other encroaching on his turf."


This creature will appear sometimes on your boat year-round. To learn its name, you have to pet it.

The California Sea Lion is found swimming near Cake Rock in Gatama Atoll in a rather large pack of adults only. On shore, at D-1, you'll find several of them, in both the adult and young forms. There is no trivia about this animal.


  • Sea Lions are very intelligent creatures (which is why they are often seen performing tricks at aquariums and sea parks) and are able to recognize based on similar functions or connections made with their peers. They have also demonstrated the ability to understand simple syntax and commands when taught a form of artificial sign language.
  • Fluke and Rudder, two lazy sea lions from the Disney/Pixar film Finding Dory, are California sea lions.


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