The Cameroceras (a creature with the scientific name Cameroceras Terntonense) was a prehistoric cephalopod that lived during the Ordovician era. It is glimpsed in Endless Ocean: Blue World.

In-Game Description

"This is the largest nautilus ever recorded, said to have existed 470-460 million years ago in the Ordovician period of the Paleozoic era.

It's astonishing that this giant creature escaped extinction and survived until today. Bigger than the giant squid and equipped with a hard shell, this must be the strongest species of cephalopod.

[UMAs and Celestial Bodies]

There are persistent eye-witness accounts of UMAs (Unidentified Mysterious Animals) in every ocean of the world. According to an expert in this field, the emergence of normally hidden creatures may be influenced by the movement of celestial bodies, such as lunar or solar eclipses.

Such events can generate subtle changes in gravity, undetectable to humans, which can influence tides and may affect the ecology of these UMAs in some way."


Endless Ocean 2

The player can see the Cameroceras outside of coordinates H-8 in the Zahhab Region. However, because the creature is outside of the map, it cannot be focused on directly.

How to find it

Endless ocean 2 cameroceras08:26

Endless ocean 2 cameroceras

Before they are able to find Cameroceras, the player must first complete the second part of the Voice of the Night Sky quest, in which they must find the twelve Constellation Coins engraved with the Signs of the Zodiac. After they complete the quest, a strange voice will come onto the radio and say something about the "end of the crimson waters". After this occurs, it is speculated that the crimson waters is the Red Sea, so the player is tasked to go to the Zahhab Region with Oceana and swim to the very edge of the map, even past the Open Sea area, at coordinates H-8. A cutscene will occur where the player and Oceana observe the massive creature swimming barely outside of their field of view, and Oceana will wonder if she's gone entirely mad. The player will then obtain the information, trivia, and title associated with this creature's discovery.


  • Because the player is unable to focus directly on the Cameroceras, due to it being past the point where the player can swim safely, they will obtain both its information and trivia the first time they see it.
  • As one of the three super-legendary and long-extinct creatures (the other two being the Anomalocaris and the Sea Serpent) that appear in Endless Ocean: Blue World, this creature does not appear in the player's Marine Encyclopedia as a silhouette and, instead, only appears after it has been discovered.
  • The genus name of this creature translates from Latin into "chambered horn". This is, of course, in reference to the massive shell that this creature is known for.
  • In-game, the Cameroceras is actually referred to by its genus name, rather than with its specific epithet. This is odd, as most creatures are usually referred to by the second part of their scientific name, but in this case it wouldn't really matter, as this particular species of Cameroceras is the most well-known if its genus. The other species include:
    • C. alternatum
    • C. hennepini
    • C. inaequabile
    • C. inopinatum
    • C. stillwaterense
  • It has appeared in three documentaries: Sea Monsters - A Walking with Dinosaurs trilogy, Walking with Monsters (where it only had a brief cameo), and Animal Armageddon (It played a major role in this documentary, but was identified as a Straight-Shelled Nautiloid).
  • Several players have been able to lure it into the map using food, and can thus interact with it directly. This is assumed to be an unintentional feature, as the Cameroceras is meant to be a mysterious and unconfirmed sighting in-game, and allowing the player to interact with it directly seems counterintuitive to that point.


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