The Cape Fur Seal is a species of shore-dwelling creature that appears in both games.

In Game Description

"With a large nose and a body weight exceeding 650 lb., this seal is the largest fur seal. Although born with a black body, it becomes gray as it matures. Despite normally living in groups of a dozen or so, they can also sometimes be seen in tens of thousands near their breeding grounds.

[The Largest Fur Seal]

It is the largest fur seal. The species is and inquisitive and friendly animal. The Cape Fur Seals spend most of their time at sea."


Endless Ocean

A small group of Cape Fur Seals can be seen in the Sunshine Beach area.

Endless Ocean 2

They are found in the Weddell Sea, all over the northern section of the map.


In the water they are seen swimming in large groups. On land, they can be seen (still in a group) accompanied by their young. They like food and being stroked, and on land they will beg for food if it is held out to them.


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